Decision Blue Professional Solution

Our Professional solution, powered by Virtual Jar ®, is customized to your treatment process and includes both cost and quality.  

Everything You Need to Succeed

Get started with our Professional Solution. Dive in today to explore optimization for your utility.

Water Quality Modules

Up to two water quality modules included. Explore modules below

Chemical Use

Manage chemical dosing and monitor daily treatment costs

Dedicated Success Team

Access our team of water experts to drive your water quality success

Unlimited Users

From operators to lab personnel, all team members are provided with access

Daily Reports

Never miss an opportunity to optimize with daily compliance monitoring and forecasting reports


Organize and visualize important water quality measures

Module Selection

Enhance your Decision Blue solution with supplementary modules for additional insights and optimization opportunities.

TOC - Total Organic Carbon

Forecast TOC removal ratio and monitor treatment removal efficiency

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DBP - Disinfection By-Products

Monitor and manage compliance risk using TTHM and HAA5 forecasts

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Forecast disinfectant demand and manage disinfectant dosing

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Turbidity - Filter Operations

Seamlessly monitor and analyze raw and settled turbidity. Additionally, you are able to calculate the average turbidity over a selected timeframe, complete with a moving average. Optimize filter operations and monitor treatment removal efficiency.

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Corrosion - Lead and Copper

In light of the Lead & Copper Rule Revisions, ensuring safe drinking water is a top priority for utilities everywhere. Our Corrosion module provides a powerful tool to help you protect your community's health by assessing and improving water quality. With this module, you can easily track how your daily water chemistry affects corrosion, while also monitoring the solubility of lead and copper.

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Tailored for softening utilities, our Hardness module is your solution for efficient water softening management. It empowers you to constantly monitor and predict your daily softening requirements, ensuring you never use more treatment chemicals than necessary.

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Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

The HAB Module is a tool designed for water treatment plants to proactively manage taste, odor, and toxin challenges. By optimizing toxin removal efficiency and offering daily monitoring for HABs, you are able to ensure compliance, track potential issues, and safeguard water quality for utilities at risk of HAB concerns.

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