Digital Water Solutions for Your Optimization Needs.

We live in a new era of water quality management. Utilities are harnessing the Decision Blue platform to optimize their treatment and leverage their data in new ways.

Digital Water Solutions

Discover the best fit for your water quality management needs. Decision Blue offers tailored solutions built out for your unique utility.

Decision Blue Impact

Decision Blue Dashboard

Our dashboard provides a consolidated view of essential water quality and treatment key performance indicators (KPIs). Stay informed and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.


Elevate your water quality management with multi-objective, forecastable insights including the cost of treatment. Our digital water solution allows multi-chemical, multi-unit treatment process configuration.

Daily Process Report

With automated reporting to your entire team, everyone can monitor the latest water quality status and stay ahead of compliance with daily water forecasts and insights into your treatment. 

Expert Coaching

Our team brings 100+ years of combined industry experience to your water quality management. Access our office hours and ops support calls for guidance in optimizing water treatment.

Simple, yet effective proven process

By following a proven process, our clients achieve better water quality management with this approach.

01 Update

Update Your Water Quality Information in Decision Blue

02 Assess

Assess Compliance Risks and Treatment Efficiency

03 Optimize

Evaluating Alternatives and Choosing the Optimal One

04 Win!

Win by Producing Exceptional Water at an Acceptable Cost

Explore how Akron applied Decision Blue to optimize their water quality management

Ready to Join the New Era of Water?

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