Celebrating Expansion: Welcoming Our New Client in Michigan!

AKRON, OH & FLINT, MI (May 9, 2024) - We’re thrilled to welcome our newest client in the Great Lakes State, the Genesee County Drain Commissioner!

Terry Biederman, P.E., Assistant Director of Water, Genesee County Drain Commissioner Division of Water & Waste Services remarked “We look forward to working with Fontus Blue as part of our continuing effort to provide intelligent, cost-effective, consistent, and reliable water for the residents and businesses of Genesee County.”

As we venture into Michigan, our mission remains unchanged: to empower water utilities across the nation, optimizing their water quality treatment efforts through new and innovative multi-objective technology.

Jeff Biberdorf, Director of Sales & Marketing at Fontus Blue, shared: "This is an exciting endeavor for both Fontus and the GCDC team. Working steadfastly with our partners at GrayMatter, we’re looking forward to bringing the Virtual Jar & Virtual Sensor technology to GCDC as they continue their journey of driving innovation in their drinking water treatment process.”

For those in Michigan interested in learning more about Fontus Blue’s solutions in water quality optimization and partnership opportunities, please contact Jeff Biberdorf. For those wanting to learn more about Fontus Blue, please visit our Resources page.

For friends who would like to learn more about Genesee County Drain Commissioner and its drinking water programs, feel free to contact Terry Bierderman or visit GCDC’s About Us page.

About Genesee County Drain Commissioner:

Genesee County Drain Commissioner Division of Water and Waste Services is committed to delivering the highest quality drinking water to its residents, a goal steadfastly met by sourcing water directly from Lake Huron via the Karegnondi Pipeline to their state-of-the-art treatment plant in Oregon Township, Lapeer County. Managed by expert water operators, this consistently high-quality source undergoes rigorous multi-level testing and processing, ensuring that the community enjoys the best possible water standards.

About Fontus Blue

Fontus Blue houses a team of dedicated experts who work to ensure clean water for all. With data science and water quality expertise, we custom-tailor solutions to meet your specific water quality needs. Our proven success and commitment to optimizing water treatment empowers water utilities to make informed decisions, redefining standards for water quality and accessibility.

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