Spoooky Waters

The spooky season is upon us, so it's time for ghost stories! I've always wondered if drinking water treatment plants might be home to things that go bump in the night. After some searching, I came across a fantastic thread where operators shared their paranormal encounters on the job.

One tale of a haunted water plant really grabbed me, so I took creative license to spin it into this bone-chilling tale - the perfect way to get us all into the Halloween spirit! Turn out the lights, swaddle yourself in a blanket, and get ready for a frightening story that will have you thinking twice before drinking from the sink. Just remember, it's only fiction...or is it?

The Ghosts Plant No. 13

The old abandoned water plant on the edge of town has always given me the creeps. I used to work the overnight shift there alone back in the day. That place was downright haunted - I saw things that still give me nightmares.

It all started during the plant's construction when two works passed when it was built. Their spirits must have never left because as soon as that place opened, strange things started happening.

I'll never forget the night I spotted a shadowy figure on the security monitor, shuffling through the dark process room. My heart froze, realizing I was completely alone, all the doors locked tight.

Another night, I came in to find a fresh pot of coffee brewed, the smell cutting through the musty plant air. Impossible - that old pot required you to push the button manually. Who had made it?

Most chilling was the night my shiftmate and I were called out to check on an alarm. As we walked past the treatment room, the heavy metal door slammed open violently in front of us, nearly hitting us. We saw nothing through the dark doorway gaping open.

And the whispers...I'd hear whispers from the shadows when alone at night. Never loud enough to understand the words but close enough to make out the tortured tones drifting through those concrete halls.

I'm just glad I got out of there alive. No one who takes a late shift at that old water plant ever remains the same - the spirits see to that. So do yourself a favor and stay far away. The phantoms have claimed that place as their own.

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