Welcoming Our First Client in Colorado!

Today marks a significant milestone for Fontus Blue as we proudly announce our expansion into the beautiful state of Colorado! We are thrilled to welcome our first client from the Centennial State, the City of Louisville!

This expansion is not just about the geographical growth; it is a testament to our dedication to partnering with utilities nationwide, equipping them with the necessary tools to enhance their managed water quality programs.

Greg Venette, the Superintendent for the City of Louisville remarked “We are excited to begin this new adventure with Fontus Blue as they assist the City of Louisville Water Treatment Plants to accomplish its mission to protect, preserve, and enhance the quality of life in our community through the values of Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, & Excellence.”

As we venture into Colorado, our mission remains unchanged: to empower water utilities to produce exceptional water through multi-objective treatment optimization.

Ashley Bair, Director of Client Success at Fontus Blue, shared: “I’m excited to add our first Colorado plant. The people here are friendly, energetic, passionate about water, and forward-thinking.”

Jeff Biberdorf, Director of Sales & Marketing at Fontus Blue, shared his enthusiasm, "We are happy to start collaborating with Louisville, a city that has consistently showcased its forward-thinking approach to water treatment. Louisville’s commitment to excellence not only benefits their residents but also sets a higher standard for utilities in the state to follow."

For those in Colorado interested in learning more about Fontus Blue’s solutions and partnership opportunities, you may reach out to Jeff Biberdorf. For those wanting to learn more about Fontus Blue, our Resources page is available to dive further into!

For friends who would like to learn more about Louisville and its drinking water programs, feel free to contact Greg Venette or visit the City of Lousiville’s Water Treatment Division.

About Louisville’s Water Treatment Division:

Louisville Water Treatment Division: A cornerstone of the community, the Louisville Water Treatment Division is steadfast in its mission to provide top-quality award-winning drinking water to the city's residents. With two advanced Water Treatment Plants, the division reliably serves over 20,000 residents. Sourcing water from South Boulder Creek and Carter Lake, the division showcases a balanced blend of tradition, innovation, and dedication to the well-being of its community.

About Fontus Blue

At Fontus Blue, we embody a commitment to progress, persistence, ownership, respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. Our purpose is clear: to empower water utilities worldwide to produce exceptional water quality. Our unique offerings include operator-empowered water quality forecasting and treatment optimization, rapid-to-deploy software, and expert staff coaching. Our team follows a proven process of data updates, custom KPIs, optimization, and a commitment to measurable progress, backed by "The Fontus Promise." Join us in our mission to revolutionize water quality management and ensure a cleaner, brighter future for all.

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