Welcoming Our First Client in Oregon!

AKRON, OH & Eugene, OR (February 21, 2024) - We’re thrilled to welcome our first utility in the beautiful state of Oregon, the Eugene Water & Electric Board!

Our commitment to supporting utilities nationwide by empowering them with the essential resources to improve their water quality management remains unwavering as we continue expanding.

Ray Leipold, EWEB’s Water Treatment Supervisor at the Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant, remarked: “Multiple parameter optimization of chemicals and water quality is not easily achievable. This can give us the flexibility to save money when there is good raw water quality and then switch to focus on improving quality when the raw water is challenging to treat."

As we venture into Oregon, our mission remains unchanged: to empower water utilities to produce exceptional water quality through multi-objective treatment optimization.

Ashley Bair, Director of Client Success at Fontus Blue, shared: “I’m thrilled to be working with our first client in Oregon. The staff are proactive, embrace innovation, and are deeply committed to sustainability.”

For those in Oregon interested in learning more about Fontus Blue’s solutions in water quality optimization and partnership opportunities, please contact Jeff Biberdorf. For those wanting to learn more about Fontus Blue, please visit our Resources page for Webinars and more information.

For friends who would like to learn more about EWEB and its drinking water programs, feel free to contact Ray Leipold or visit EWEB’s Drinking Water Page.

About EWEB

The Eugene Water & Electric Board is Oregon's largest customer-owned utility. Founded in 1911, EWEB provides water and electricity to approximately 96,000 customers in the Eugene-Springfield area. EWEB’s service area covers 236 square miles with a population of more than 200,000 people, including major institutions such as the University of Oregon. A five-member elected Board of Commissioners governs the utility, which does not operate to earn a profit or to serve the investment needs of stockholders. Employing approximately 500 people, EWEB serves the people of Eugene by embodying core values of safety, reliability, affordability, environmental responsibility, and community/culture. EWEB owns four energy generation facilities, including hydroelectric projects on the McKenzie and Clackamas Rivers, and leads watershed protection measures with local landowners and environmental organizations. With one of the greenest energy supplies in the nation, approximately 90% of EWEB’s power comes from carbon-free sources, and EWEB is committed to achieving a 95% carbon-free energy portfolio by 2030.

About Fontus Blue

At Fontus Blue, we embody a commitment to progress, persistence, ownership, respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. Our purpose is clear: to empower water utilities worldwide to produce exceptional water quality. Our unique offerings include operator-empowered water quality forecasting and treatment optimization, rapid-to-deploy software, and expert staff coaching. Our team follows a proven process of data updates, custom KPIs, optimization, and a commitment to measurable progress, backed by "The Fontus Promise." Join us in our mission to revolutionize water quality management and ensure a cleaner, brighter future for all.

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