Reduce Lead Levels NOW: How To Achieve Significant Reductions in Distribution System Lead Levels with Treatment Plant Optimization

June 19, 2024 12PM EST

Learning Objectives

Lead has been on the minds of many water utility managers since the U.S. EPA revised the Lead and Copper Rule in 2021. But the further revision to the rule (the Lead and Copper Rule Improvements - LCRI) has placed increased pressure on utilities and communities to get out their shovels and start spending money.

But wait!

Before your utility digs another trench to remove lead service lines, you should know about some of the new ways in which water treatment plant operations can be optimized to reduce lead levels throughout your distribution system. In this lively and informative webinar, Fontus Blue Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Peter S. Fiske discusses some of the latest results using treatment plant optimization to lower lead levels throughout your distribution system - delivering water quality improvements immediately.


Participants in this webinar will learn about the latest EPA revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule including the 2023 LCRI.


Participants will learn about the complex chemical, physical and biological factors that affect lead levels in drinking water distribution systems


Participants will learn how water utilities can use process optimization to improve corrosion protection in their water distribution systems


Participants will learn about decision support software to optimize corrosion control

Meet The Speakers

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