Looking Ahead to 2024: Water Quality Treatment Optimization, PFAS, & More

December 5th

Learning Objectives

2023 saw growing concern over PFAS and how water utilities will need to address new treatment objectives on top of the existing slate of regulatory requirements. Looking ahead to 2024 - what can we expect (and what can we do about it?). In this lively end-of-the-year webinar, Fontus Blue's Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Peter S. Fiske will talk about some of the existing challenges water utility managers can expect to deal with in 2024, along with some important new approaches that can save time, cut costs, and improve water quality (and operator performance) in the years ahead.


How existing treatment plant and distribution system data can be used to improve performance against emerging contaminants like PFAS


How decision support software can help operators optimize for multiple water quality objectives - including treatment cost


How operator team dynamics and performance improve once teams use common tools for assessing and optimizing water treatment strategies.

Meet The Speaker

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