Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County

For this conversation, we met with Samantha Stitt, Water Quality Supervisor, at the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC).

In a bustling utility sector, seasoned professionals like Samantha Stitt stand out. We sat down with Samantha recently to learn more about the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County, specifically her work and challenges at the George R. Sweeney Water Treatment Plant.

Samantha pointed to several key issues that are top of mind for the Sweeney plant, including PFAS, HABs, LCRI, and rising chemical costs. To help mitigate these challenges, Samantha decided to reach out to Fontus Blue.

Samantha shared that "working with Fontus Blue has revolutionized our operations. It allows for faster, more precise chemical changes that lead to better cost savings."

Fontus Blue's Decision Blue webpage layout has been instrumental in the recent optimization success the Sweeney plant has experienced, providing a display of KPIs, and shareable PDFs of Virtual Jar tests, which has helped to enhance data viewing and sharing among the Sweeney staff. Samantha highlighted TOC removal as the main focus addressed using Decision Blue and Virtual Jar. "The results have been beyond my expectations," she said. "We've had significant chemical cost savings and time savings since starting in August 2023."

The success of the Sweeney plant, driven by the Virtual Jar testing results and chemical savings, has been so significant. Samantha has decided to bring the Decision Blue proven process to two more of Westmoreland County’s water treatment plants, the McKeesport and Indian Creek WTPs. These new initiatives are set to launch with Fontus Blue in early spring 2024.

Reflecting on her journey in the water industry, Samantha shared her advice for other utility personnel and leaders, focusing on the priority to "stay informed and connected." When asked where she goes to keep up to date with happenings in water, she recommended following publications such as the Journal AWWA, AWWA OpFlow, and Water Online Newsletter.

In an ever-evolving industry, professionals like Samantha Stitt exemplify the dedication needed to overcome challenges and drive innovation in water quality treatment operations.


The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) has strategically integrated potable water and wastewater systems over decades to create an efficient and effective regional water and wastewater system. MAWC has been in the potable water business for 80 years and in wastewater since 2001, realizing efficiencies through regional management. Recent acquisitions align with MAWC's vision for a consolidated system, as outlined by its board of directors. MAWC's approach to acquisitions focuses on financial viability and mutual benefit, ensuring that local control and nonprofit pricing for water services are maintained.

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Fontus Blue, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, offering multi-objective decision support software services. Fontus Blue provides dedicated partnerships to utilities and plant personnel, working hand-in-hand to craft tailored solutions that ensure the delivery of exceptional drinking water to their customers. Fontus Blue’s network includes utilities in more than twelve states across the Their clients use Decision Blue daily to provide exceptional drinking water to millions of customers.

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