Akron Water Supply

For this edition, we spoke with Matt Ebie, Water Plant Utilities Chief Operator/ Class IV Operator for the City of Akron Water Supply. Hear what he has to say about challenges in the industry, his advice for others, and more below.

Fontus Blue: How long have you been in the industry? How long have you been at your utility company?

Ebie: I started with an OIT License as a Shift Operator with Akron Water 15 years ago.

Fontus Blue: What is the size of the community you serve? How many service connections vs. population?

Ebie: We supply 35 MGD of water to 94,000 Service Connections serving nearly 200,000 customers.

Fontus Blue: What is a challenge your utility company is facing this year? What do you expect to be an upcoming challenge in 2023? What about the next five years?

Ebie: I think some challenges we’ll see this year and next include budgeting for increased chemical costs. In the next five years, major capital improvement expenses and stricter EPA regulations will create challenges throughout the industry.

Fontus Blue: Has working with Fontus Blue changed/improved your utility and utility operations? How so?

Ebie: Yes, working with Fontus Blue has changed our operations. We now have a more scientific approach to chemical changes for water quality improvements. We also can predict DBP formation potential based on those changes.

Fontus Blue: If you could share one piece of advice with other utility personnel and leaders in the space, what would it be?

Ebie: My advice would be that increased collaboration and interaction with other utilities can be a great resource for your own operating challenges.

Fontus Blue: What are some relevant newsletters, blogs, or industry leaders you follow for insights and inspiration?

Ebie: I’d recommend resources like AWWA Opflow, and Ohio EPA Outreach.
Matt Ebie
Utilities Chief Operator
Class IV Operator
Decision Blue Customer Since 2017

Akron Water Supply

The Akron Water Supply Bureau consists of 3 divisions that provide watershed protection, drinking water treatment, and drinking water distribution to the citizens and businesses of Akron as well as many neighboring communities. The Akron Water Supply’s mission is to deliver to the public an ample supply of high-quality water that exceeds regulatory requirements now and in the future.

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Fontus Blue

Fontus Blue, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, offering multi-objective decision support software services. Fontus Blue provides dedicated partnerships to utilities and plant personnel, working hand-in-hand to craft tailored solutions that ensure the delivery of exceptional drinking water to their customers. Fontus Blue’s network includes utilities in more than twelve states across the Their clients use Decision Blue daily to provide exceptional drinking water to millions of customers.

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