Celebrating Expansion: Welcoming Our First Client in Alabama!

AKRON, OH & OPELIKA, AL (March 21, 2024) - We’re thrilled to welcome our first utility bringing us to warmer weather, Opelika Utilities!

We remain steadfast in our dedication to empowering utilities across the nation, providing them with new and innovative technology to enhance their water quality management as we expand our efforts.

Matt McDougald, Opelika Utilities’ General manager, remarked: “Opelika Utilities is excited to partner with Fontus Blue to bring our treatment plant operations into modern times. The ability to capture and leverage institutional knowledge from our experienced staff into a digital twin will be crucial to improving current operations and bringing the next generation of operators into an exciting and dynamic environment built for success. Ever-increasing costs of operation require us to challenge the traditional methods of sticking with what works and leveraging expanded knowledge for truly optimizing treatment chemistry and dosing. The ability to do all of this in a digital environment during flash upsets will be a game changer!”

As we venture into Alabama, our mission remains unchanged: to empower water utilities to produce exceptional water quality through multi-objective treatment optimization.

Ashley Bair, Director of Client Success at Fontus Blue, shared: "I'm excited to partner with our first client in Alabama. The team there is proactive, open to innovation, and strongly committed to sustainability. We couldn’t ask for a better team to work with!”

For those in Alabama interested in learning more about Fontus Blue’s solutions in water quality optimization and partnership opportunities, please contact Jeff Biberdorf. For those wanting to learn more about Fontus Blue, please visit our Resources page.For friends who would like to learn more about Opelika Utilities and its drinking water programs, feel free to contact Matt McDougald or visit Opelika’s About Us Page.

About Opelika Utilities:

Opelika Utilities' mission is to assert a broad, long-term view of the water needs of Opelika’s citizens and industries to assure that facilities, sources, and manpower are provided for pure, plentiful water now and for the future. With award-winning treatment facilities and over 40 dedicated staff, Opelika Utilities reliably serves the 33,000 residents of the City of Opelika as well as a few of our neighboring municipalities. Opelika Utilities has and continues to be nationally recognized for our commitment to innovation through the use of emerging technologies and tools to best serve our customers.

About Fontus Blue

Fontus Blue houses a team of dedicated experts who work to ensure clean water for all. With data science and water quality expertise, we custom-tailor solutions to meet your specific water quality needs. Our proven success and commitment to optimizing water treatment empowers water utilities to make informed decisions, redefining standards for water quality and accessibility.

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